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An industry leader with experience delivering global engagements and productions for global brands. From integrated communications through to products, digital delivery across mixed realities to edge-level creative technology for clients such as Samsung, NASA and adidas. Passionate about the intersection of creativity, technology and production. An unusually diverse, t-shaped skillset with a drive to experiment in the emerging technology space.


Years of experience


Project Awards

  • Digital Divisional Leadership
  • Emerging Technology Production
  • Digital Project Management
  • Integrated Production
  • Finance & Operations

An ambition to discover, build and deliver
the seemingly impossible with new & emerging technologies.


Being Brave
& Taking Risks


Virtual Reality

A Moon for All Mankind

It's the 50th Anniversary of the Lunar Landings, so let's get Samsung and NASA to join forces and build the worlds first VR lunar gravity simulator. How are we possibly going to do that?

Pizza hut Deal Jacker

Domino’s media spend in the UK is £14.5 million greater than Pizza Hut’s. So how could we take a bigger slice of the delivery market without massively increasing our spend?

Feed the Grid

Complex energy problems brought to life with fun. The Vehicle to Grid concept is a brand new development from Shell, but how could we explain it to a target market of students at their annual ‘Make the future’ expo in London?