A natural leader with a 'can do' attitude, driven to work with brilliant people.


An industry leader with experience delivering global engagements and productions for global brands. Operational experience in building and nurturing collaborative environments - from creating a 20 strong producer division to high-performing interactive experience teams, to more recently leading exploratory R&D across new platforms. Strategically focused, commercially aware and hands-on. Highly skilled in talent attraction and retention, a coach and a leader that I hope people want to work with. Passionate about the intersection of creativity, technology and production.

Skills & Experience

  • Leader & Coach
  • Creative & Emerging Technology Production
  • New Business & Client Partner
  • Project Management Specialist
  • Agency & Studio Operations
  • Integrated Delivery
  • Talent Attraction & Retention
- Head of Labs

Creative Technology division working on leading-edge projects combining live performance in Metaverse platforms. Producing short form Extended Reality (XR) films.

- Head of Technology

Leadership for 30 strong technology group. Cross-discipline leader for UX, Creative Technology, Development, QA, Product and Production divisions. New business, scoping, financials, retention.

- Head of Interactive Experience

Built the agency’s first ever Creative Technology division ‘Interactive Experience’ An innovation & technology disciple with a focus on connecting & delivering future focused marketing for clients using emerging technology, AI and mixed realities. Multiple award winning projects produced.

- Executive Producer

Created the first Integrated Producer department for the agency. Created all structure and process, recruiting 20 super talented cross-discipline producers. Overall governance and responsibility for the delivery of all integrated campaigns for the top UK and global clients.

- Digital Group Head

Hands on digital production, mixed with leadership, operations and recruitment.


Try to innovate within each project.

Smart casting, interesting partnerships, brilliant technology decisions? Sometimes the smallest decisions can make or break the final piece.


Underpromise & always overdeliver.

Goes without saying, you’re only as good as your last project. Being honest and transparent is usually the best way to work with clients.


Create things that inspire people.

It’s 2023 and we’ve seen it all done before by other brands. Innovating to inspire people through new creative advertising is not an easy thing to do.  A smart approach to concept development & agile production is needed more than ever!


Kind Words

“I had the pleasure of working with Stu when I was CEO at iris and he is one of the most talented, kind and generous leaders. He was behind some of iris' most ambitious work, built a world class team and was universally loved across the agency. When there was an impossible challenge, Stu would be the first person I would turn to. As a leader, he is supportive of his team, forever optimistic in outlook, relentless in his pursuit of solutions and creates a safe culture for everyone to reach for the sky. Hire him. You won't regret it.”

Dan SaxbyFounder at The Elephant Room

“Stu’s endless enthusiasm, inspiration and vision brought like-minded teams of passionate digital experts together under a united Technology banner. It made all the sense in the world and none of us would have it any other way. He was the group’s heart and soul, and he will be dearly missed.”

Yang WongLead Interactive Developer - Iris

“Stu is the ULTIMATE DO-ER. That's seen him hold a multitude or roles at Iris, the most recent of which has transformed our clients' understanding of what smartly-applied technology can do for them.

His boundless enthusiasm and unquenchable curiosity made him the perfect leader for a team of coders, technologists and prototypers that tacked everything from apps to AR to gaming… oh and virtual reality experience that simulated the moon's low gravity in ACTUAL reality. Ask him how his team pulled that off; you won't regret it.”

Rich HayterCreative Director - Iris

“Stu is without a doubt one of the nicest and most professional guys I have yet to meet in the industry. With an extremely good knowledge of what's happening in the world of digital and an appreciation for good design, Stu always aspires to getting fantastic work out the door. Stu was partly responsible for establishing a tight team culture and thriving creative environment at Iris Digital.

He always ensured a good platform for creativity was maintained but at the same time kept everybody on track and made sure we all hit deadlines. He was an inspirational line manager - always selflessly providing team members with exciting opportunities to further progress their own work and career. I owe this man a lot.”

Steve WilcoxLead Designer - Calvin Klein

“Working with Stuart has been great, he's passionate, open, curious and extremely generous with his time and experience. Great at understanding how to engage diverse audiences whilst always focusing on excellence, his knowledge spans across the latest technology innovations to creative applications. He's a skilled professional and a nourishing leader”

Sara Coppola-NicholsonHead of Research - Disguise

“Stu is a character who exudes charisma, always giving people belief in their work and abilities. Stu has left a lasting impact on me in his ability to bring amazing projects to life and rally a team to follow in his footsteps.”

Isaac PeelFreelance UX Designer

“Stu is a natural competitor.
Whether overcoming some crazy athletic mission or fusing together diverse technologies to bring a dream to life, he's always making something seemingly impossible happen.”

Max WrightGlobal Strategy Director - Iris

“Stu is a natural competitor.
Whether overcoming some crazy athletic mission or fusing together diverse technologies to bring a dream to life, he's always making something seemingly impossible happen.”

Max WrightGlobal Strategy Director - Iris

“In interview when asked about the best manager I had, I immediately think of Stuart: He cares, mentors, gives you space, stays available, have this positive outlook that not only makes a good work environment but also drives you to make the impossible happen. I'm, in this case, thinking of the Samsung x Nasa project, I'm still not sure how we made it happen. Do ask him about it! Oh, and I think he's got a great talent for photography ;)”

Alexis GarciaProgram & Operations Director - GSK

“Stu is an inspiring, level-headed and extremely professional team leader and his kindness and support brings out the best in all of his staff. His digital experience and commitment to the cause and his people is unique. He's a great person to work for. It's a pleasure to know him and my time in his team was one of my fondest working memories.”

Euan MillarTechnical Transformation Architect - TypeScript

“Stuart is a fantastic Head of Technology and just a brilliant guy to work with as well. He is a highly competent and credible digital leader with a very approachable and personable style - he really made my time working with him encouraging, challenging and enjoyable and it is without hesitation that I recommend him.”

Tansel AdacanDigital Programme Director - Freelance

“Writing a recommendation for Stuart is difficult as I cannot possibly do the man justice, but in short Stuart is one of the most professional, knowledgable and personable people in the industry.

Stuart always has time for people but somehow still manages to keep on top of his industry, as someone who has worked with Stuart closely over a number of years now I can truly say he is one of the best at what he does.”

Farooq MohammedMD - Joint Talent

“If you're looking for a creative, tech savvy producer who's an absolute dream to work with, you've found him.”

Dave CaygillFounder - Zinc