A Moon for All Mankind

Samsung and NASA join forces to open the Moon to all for the 50th Anniversary of the moonwalk. We built the worlds first VR lunar gravity simulator.


Close to 50 years ago, the world held their breath as Armstrong stepped out onto the Moon. It was hailed as a “giant leap for mankind”. In reality, only 12 astronauts, all of them while American men, have ever set foot on the Moon. We pushed the boundaries of what a phone can do, to let you do what you can’t.

The Idea

For the project I assembled a team comprising VR specialists, simulator engineers and even NASA! Working as one intergalactic project team we built a state-of-the-art lunar gravity 'rig' inspired by the gravity simulator used to train astronauts. The rig registers your weight in real-time, then offsets it by 83%. This means when you jump you feel like you’re one-sixth of your mass on earth. The CGI environment was accurately modelled on NASA’s Lunar topographical data. Sensors attached to your flight suit tracked your movements in real-time and replicated it in VR. Activated in Seoul, Barcelona, NYC, London & Tokyo.