Broadway Star Booth

How do you design and build an entertaining interactive installation for an airport that’s 3500 miles away, that has to run for an entire year? Add to that it needs to run without onsite maintenance and it has to send images and video to customers when there is no hardwired internet connection?

The Project

In the US, the Barclays business is largely partner credit cards and this project to promote the JFK Broadway Series and American Airlines AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard partnership.

The brief was to create an interactive experience to both raise awareness of the credit card and encourage entries into the JFK Broadway Series sweepstakes to win tickets to Broadway shows. We transformed visitors into different characters from musicals with face filters using custom touchscreens.

Designed and programmed in the UK but built and installed in the US, the task was not without significant challenges. The installation had to run unmanned for a whole year.
Technical maintenance was tricky as installation was at JFK airport, past the TSA security point..

As well as creating all the virtual masks from scratch, we spec’d and built the right hardware, focusing on cooling systems, memory and connectivity monitoring. A local server bridged the app and our live server to ensure our users could enjoy the Broadway experience even if the 4G Internet connectivity temporarily dropped.