Desperados - Play

The playable bottle is an interactive activation that placed the Desperados bottles at the heart of the moment before you head out for a big night.

Mixing music with a Multipack.

We created a working prototype of a DIY music experiment that is made up of a series of playable bottles that let’s consumers experiment together and win.

It’s real-time experimentation at it’s heart – the more bottles you add, the more experimental you can get. It’s a collective effort involving anyone who has a phone and a bottle of Desperados. It’s accessible to anyone – from those with little musical interest beyond the pleasure of listening, all the way up to the budding DJs.

To remix parties and casual gatherings alike, the Desperados’ Playable Bottle app — turned mates into musicians. By scanning the bottle’s QR code, people are led to an upbeat Facebook Messenger chatbot that guides them to the Desperados web app. Users are assigned one of five instruments and can either knock some notes solo or join a band to make a full-blown mix. Fellow band members can sit anywhere in the world as each jam syncs in real-time. By composing all music in-house, we ensured everything sounds great together, no matter how arrhythmic your friends are.