The Vehicle to Grid concept is a brand new development from Shell, but how could we explain it to a target market of students at their annual ‘Make the future’ expo in London?

The Project

The world is changing and the way we travel needs to become cleaner and more sustainable. But positive change isn’t going to happen on its own; it will require huge effort and commitment. Shell have led the change for the last 100 years, constantly improving their fuels, using their most advanced patented technology. We were briefed to create a number of different interactive experiences that would help to educate children in a fun and interactive way at The Make the Future conference which invited users to explore solutions to the challenge of obtaining cleaner, smarter and more abundant energy.

This was an interactive game installation that works as an augmented reality mirror by turning kids into “EngineBots” - each corresponding to a type of engine/fuel. Kids compete in a reaction game and they transform as they collect more fuel crystals. Goal of the game is to compete to transform the fastest.

Through the game, players will get to see a spread of fuels available today and to compare the fuels. Using three separate cameras we were able to track up to five players at any one time, making it a really fund experience for large groups of people.