Zoom the Room

In 2020 Samsung released their new flagship phone the S20, available with a 100X zoom on flagship models.

However, research showed it’s difficult to comprehend the actual effect of a 100X zoom when you don’t have the product to try. So how could we train people to explain its benefits when they are selling it off computer screens over the phone?

The Project

We created a set of games to identify objects correctly as the zoom level increases. We built custom images of large event venue interiors, allowing us to see crisp detail when zooming from the back all the way to the front. Created from scratch to sit within the ‘Samsung Backstage’ training portal, this was designed, coded, built and tested from the ground up by my interactive experience and technology teams to work on desktop as well as every mobile device from 2017 onwards.

The scenarios, a music concert and a football match, were used to show the powerful zoom in action and provide sound bites that users could take into their everyday selling conversations.

The two iterations were launched separately, one with the Unpacked launch and the second the day prior to GTM to refresh our users’ memories prior to the devices being available in stores.