A collection of concepts made for idea either sell-in, new business or R&D purposes. Includes static image user journeys to full native app builds.

Three Mobile

You will never get a new customer excited by showing them an on-screen explainer app. You just won’t. If you let them visit alternative universes through it however...

Instead of getting them to stare, tap and swipe at their screen, let’s create an app capable of allowing Three customers to physically walk into a new world and explore any digital asset we build.

With nothing but their new phone and this app we can launch the exciting new world of Three in a way users have never experienced before. Then we can use the technology to bring to life scenes from TV shows, characters from animations, spaces they could never reach, and even pop-up events in the unlikeliest of spaces. Via the Three dimension portal we can take you to anywhere at any time, and all on your terms.

Fever-Tree Prototype

A world of new-found taste awaits the whisky explorer. The Opener is a smart bottle cap opener that doubles as a key fob. It reveals a world of new experiences just waiting to be discovered.

Phase 1
Activating the Opener
Openers are first given to key influencers. They pass it on to followers who have a thirst to experience new things. The Social Web is awash with speculation and questions.

Openers open experiential doors. We partner with key trade events and have “Whisky Awaits” sampling booths where robots mix you a drink when you tap your Opener.

Soon, everyone wants an Opener. Steadily, over a short period of time, hundreds of Openers find their way into the hands of customers.

Phase 2
Digital Opener
To reach a bigger audience, we launch the digital version of the Opener. It’s essentially a customer experience platform for customers and brand partnerships. Any whisky brand, pub or venue can now offer our customers deals and offers via the Opener: The app will reach critical mass and become the “exclusive inclusive” way to join the new world of whisky. Go ahead. Whiskey Awaits.

Lloyds of London

As part of a new business proposal we created an AR prototype for an event that would bring to life the different sectors that Lloyds could work within when insuring against Climate Change. Designed to be part of an event space, this experience would allow visitors to walk into a seemingly empty conference booth. Then using a tablet they could see and explore an interactive AR set of environmental issues, alongside the Lloyds policy that was available to mitigate the risk.

Pizzahut - Prototype

1 in 3 adults in the UK are regularly eating every meal alone.

So let’s make meals more enjoyable by adding a free side of music to every Pizza Hut delivery.

With the power of AR, we will create a series of gigs that can only be watched inside Pizza Hut’s pizza boxes. Just slide your phone into the plastic pizza saver and double up your endorphin levels by watching up-and-coming artists performing on the “Pizza Hut stage” whilst enjoying the nation’s favourite pizza.

KFC - Prototype

My creative technology team created a series of pitching winning prototypes that showcased the different ways mobile phones could be used in the purchase journey. The following example illustrates how group ordering can be made easy and fun with the "Four us" concept. The rapid prototype was created over a two week period. Fast and furious!